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  1. jessied1227

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    Mar 31, 2007
    East Brady, PA
    We are infested with flies!! I swear, there were at least a thousand on the front deck this morning. It was so bizarre.

    I don't think they are from the coop. It's about 50 yards from the house, and there aren't many flies in there.

    I spent the day swatting flies in the house. No joke, I killed 17 today.

    And where exactly do the flies disappear to when you pick up the fly swatter?? [​IMG]

  2. justusnak

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    Ohhh Jess, I know what you mean. We have the same thing going on here. It has been cooler in the evenings, and I swear they are covering the brick on the front of the house. Its stays pretty warm from the afternoon sun. I swatted 20 of those little buggers this afternoon!! And there are MORE in the house! UGH!! COME ON FROST!!!
  3. tiffanybosesson

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    Sep 11, 2007
    the bodies fall on to the ground

    try spraying your house with barn spray but all the animals
    in the house have to be moved that stuff is toxic to everything [​IMG]:cdjumpy
  4. tiffanybosesson

    tiffanybosesson New Egg

    Sep 11, 2007
    its also toxic to humans:|

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