ARGGG....someone has started crowing at 6.30 every morning :(


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7 Years
Jul 24, 2012
So im pretty sure that out of my 3 babies, the black one is a boy. We get 3 lots of crowing at 6.30am every mornning for the last week and we arnt allowed roos :(
The brown one i think is a girl, the white im still unsure of.....but hey ive never raised baby chicks (just bought ready to lay hens from produce store)
We've had these babies since 1week old and they are now 12wks old and have free run of the backyard. Please help sex these chickens before i get the neighbours on my back!

You're right, the black one's a roo. The buff/brown looks like a hen. It looks to me like I'm seeing saddle feathers on the white bird, so I'm thinking that's a roo, too.
Yes that looks like two roos.I would be happy with 6.:30 crowing...mine start at 3:30 or 4.
X2 to all of it!

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