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Jun 2, 2018
I can understand that, as your situation is different. I hope that you are somehow able to do as you plan, and build up a flock that is resistant to it if it's possible.
That’s the hopes!!!! Although my oldest son is already freaking out and doesn’t want anyone touching the chicks that has been in the coop:he Told him umm come Monday they are going out to the coop with the big girls.

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Jul 6, 2012
Mesa, Arizona U.S.A.
So today I am working on disassembling the mini coop and reassembling it. I did a poor job the first time around, so the trays drop a lot of litter where they don't sit square with the frame. This is in anticipation of relocating them to my oversized waste-of-space hallway. It is the size of a bedroom.. but.. its a hallway, not really useful for much. Except chickens!

I have ordered an avian spectrum light for them since they will be farther from the windows. I will have two lights on timers, the spectrum light, and another dim bulb that will signal the sun rising and going down, so they aren't just shocked by light/dark.

I also picked up some pine that is even finer than the expanded horse pellets, and it is mixed with guar bean gum to make it heavier/not dusty and also helps it slightly clump (apparently it is a poor clumper based on reviews, which is great news for the chickens). It has no scents and is all natural, so I am going to give it a shot. If it works well, I will keep it and integrate the baby chicks. Otherwise, I will just wash some sand really good and use that. I don't think it is the best idea for floors that can scratch, so I am crossing my fingers on this other stuff.

The cochin chicks are turning out soooo cute!!! They of course have grown a lot, 5.5 weeks old now.. still looking like girls.. actually I am not even worried about sexing them. The males were obvious within 1 week.. seems like their comb starts so much lower on the face and is thicker, even before the color change. These two act like girls and are so cute. Some slight pink on the waddles, but the shape of the comb still looks small and straight.

I did see a post where someone's young cochin chick was scalped by the older girls :( so now I am worried about that. They are side by side still, and kind of copy each other -- when the big girls dust bathe, the little girls dust bathe.. when the little girls scratch, the big girls scratch. So hopefully that is a sign that they see each other as flock mates. But I was aiming to integrate next week at 6 weeks.

Sooooo.. I will post pics shortly. I want my family room clean and looking good! I finished remodeling my living room, so I am on a kick to get it all done now :)
I agree with you, the cochins are easy to tell apart.

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