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Jan 25, 2010
Monticello, Arkansas
The Arkansas Fish and Game Commission (AFGC) have decided to enforce regulations issued in 2005. Seems some of our waterfowl may be illegal to possess. I spoke with the AFGC waterfowl director this week. He had never heard of the APA or the SOP. He is willing to allow what can be proved as livestock. I suggested that if the oldest livestock organization has declared the breed as livestock, would he agree. He said if a breeder can show documentation that the breed is livestock and has been accepted as such, it will be allowed.

We were told the AFGC's reason for their regulation prohibiting certain breeds of waterfowl being imported into Arkansas is so 1) Arkansas Migratory Waterfowl will be protected from disease; and 2) to protect our poultry industry from possible Avian Influenza. They also admit that the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry are by statute to administer the NPIP program in the state.

I have spoken with Wil Diaz of IWBA. He is working with us to resolve the issue. What we need at present is for all waterfowl breeders in Arkansas to join us as one united effort. Until we must have a letter writing campaign, it may be best to just have one or two to contact the AFGC. Since I have a 4H member that is in immediate need of protecting his flock of SOP recognized waterfowl, I have seen the need to step forward. Another exhibition waterfowl breeder near Little Rock has also volunteered to help. He is in leadership of a large yahoo group of backyard breeders in Arkansas. As a leader in another Arkansas backyard/exhibition group, we have about 600 members between us. Not all raise waterfowl, but will be willing to help, when the time comes.

What we need most is a list of ABA recognized waterfowl. We have a list of APA varieties.

We are sure we can keep mallards and Canada geese. Woodducks etc may be a bit harder to keep. For now, I have advised some to call their Mallards, Bantam Roeuns. Since the APA considers the Mallard a Bantam Duck, it is close enough to keep heat off small breeders until we can get this fixed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I don't know if you want to get the Arkansas Agriculture Department Livestock & Poultry Commission involved. You might want to do some research first to see of they have designated certain waterfowl as livestock. You probably have already done this. Maybe you could stir up some interdepartment jealosy and gain an ally or at least be able to quote where, by state law, these are designated domestic or livestock.

The Arkansas Agriculture Department is comprised of the following state agencies: Arkansas Forestry Commission, Arkansas Livestock & Poultry Commission and the Arkansas State Plant Board in order to serve the large agricultural industry in Arkansas.

You might try to see what the Feds (USDA) recognize as domestic or livestock.
It was Dr. Doss, ALPC/NPIP, that announced this at the Fayettville PT School. He is furious that his toes are being stepped on, but says that AGFC have authority over "migratory waterfowl". It is belived that ALPC will stand with us, when we need them to. First we need the list of affected waterfowl. There may be no issue once we see the list.

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