Army Chicks! (with pics!)


8 Years
May 6, 2011
So I was thinking about using the fridge box since we just bought a new fridge, but when they delivered it no box it was wrapped in packing film.

Okay plan B. use one of the plastic storage tubs we have for the chicks. Set a screen on top and use ducktape for the back for a hinge. Just one small problem....

Okay so thinking and thinking of what I could come up with on the cheep (pun intended) since we don't have alot of extra (due to surprise closing costs
) and that will be cat resistant.
I remembered my mom and I raising toy Poodle puppies in the house when I was little. Well you don't want up to 20 pups running loose before they are paper trained so what do you do....
You put them in Boot Camp of course!



So now we have Chickie Boot Camp! I drove to my Mom's to pick up my Dad's old military foot locker that she turned into a pup pen and I am outfitting it for the fuzzy butts. I think my Dad would be proud he taught me how to process my first rabbits solo at 7 years old and I will be teaching his first and only (so far) grandson how to do the very same with the babies from these chickens (and also any extra roos).

you Dad thank you for inspiring me to get back into the country and focus on family.

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