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May 23, 2007
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Article in yesterdays (9/19/08 paper (( I couldn’t figure out how to go to that date maybe U can!

“The government says it will start considering proposals to sell genetically engineered animals”
“For example the Food & Drug Administration does not plan to require that all genetically engineered meat, poultry and fish be labeled as such.”
“Talking about pigs they will have mouse genes in them, and this is not going to be labeled.”
Google - Article name is “For Dinner: Genetically altered “Super Chickens”
You will find many hits!

***I feel I have to find that heritage breed of chicken/turkey to breed for my family future!

My results
BO & Cochin are skinny – no real breast meat
I want to sell my dark feather chickens (horrible to pluck) buff comes off good!
Cornish are my favorite (but, I want something I can produce my self!)
My SF roo has grown out faster than BR, RIR (feathers under the brown by skin are white) I don’t know if he will stay like that but, I though that was promising!

My EE are great for eggs!
Brahmas & bantam Cochins, Silkies for kids!



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May 8, 2008
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nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the goverment and the FDA. just look at monsanto for instance they are getting a patent on the DNA of a pig as well as other things .SO everytime a pig is born in the world monsanto will have to be paid a fee unbelievable . Just watch these videos

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