Aseel breed rooster injured and in very bad condition


6 Years
Jul 28, 2013
Hi all,

I am a bit in tension as two of my Aseel roosters (Pakistani Heavy breed) fought one morning when they opened the door of cage when one was already outside.They have very big spurs so they fought in my absence and one of the rooster teared opened the back side skin of my other roosters head.Now it was very large so I with a help of a friend stiched it as I have done it before and all went well.All was ok and after 2 weeks I opened the stiches.Now all was ok only it was a bit swollen and after cheking it for few minutes I saw that it still had a stitch left and thread with knot is still there so I opened it and removed the thread and to my surprise a big gunk type thing came out with it but looked flat and like skin and more than an inch flat maybe two inches. Then I applied Iodince Tincture B.P and as a friend suggested gave it panadol tablet. and applying this medicine daily but the rooster is not eating anything and becoming very weak day by day and lost too much weight.

What can I do to take good care of my Rooster as I don't want to lose him.We don't have any vet or vet medicines available in our city.

I am worried a lot as its not eating anything.I have to feed him myself.
Firslty making roosters fight is haram especially if money is involved, im not saying u did but warning u of it.

As for your problem , seel nu zibba kars ;)
I dont use aseels for fight or something or gambling as you said money blah the post clearly then reply and the last line is in which language? I cant understand

I need help not lame suggestions from you
You could be dealing with a staph infection, in which case I would use injections of penicillin. Keep him warm, quiet in a crate where you can watch him closely. Provide vitamins and electrolytes and make sure he is getting protein. Scrambled egg, chick starter mash, etc... On the actual wound I would use plain triple antibiotic ointment without the pain relief. Anything ending with "cain" is toxic to chickens, so plain triple antibiotic ointment or Vetrocin is important. If there is swelling and redness in the would, you may have to drain it again, flush with betadine solution and apply the Vetrocin or triple antibiotic ointment.Good luck and keep us updated.
I have injcted him a penicillin with neorobin mixed with it and gave him panadol also two or three days back and he was becoming all fine but again he started becoming weak after i removed the threads stiching from his head.should i again inject him a penicillin only or penicillin with neorobin mixed? I have baneocin powder.will it be good to apply?
Do the Pen G for at least three days. I think the dose is .10 ml per 10lbs. That's one tenth of a cc not 10, btw. And tube feed him and water him if you have to. If you have anything with extra vitamin B, give him that too.
I have dicloran inj(pain reliever) and methycobal inj (again vitamin).i am a bit worried injecting these all together? Any guidance will be helpful.thanks a lot for your help :)
I have dicloran inj(pain reliever) and methycobal inj (again vitamin).i am a bit worried injecting these all together? Any guidance will be helpful.thanks a lot for your help :)

If the bird is not eating, I would be reluctant to give something that may make him drowsy or less likely to eat or drink anything. After two weeks since the injury, I seriously doubt he is in pain from the injury.
Will try to give him a dicloran injection tomorrow morning as today already gave him 2 injections of Methycobal+benzyl penicilin and neurobion+ benzyl penicilin it ok if i mix dicloran with benzyl penicillin and give him?

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