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    Dressing is as follows.
    *Get a pan hot, slice orange in half then cut 1/8" slices and saute in light oil
    *when it starts to brown add a sprinkle of brown sugar and continue to cook
    *add splash of oj and reduce until it starts to thicken, put a lid on and remove from heat.
    * strain through fine screen including mashing what pulp you can through (better to do while its still hot)
    * roughly a cup of distilled white vinegar and a splash of rice wine vinegar
    * tablespoon of Dijon(this is to help bind the dressing)
    *teaspoon black pepper
    Wisk ingredients
    * now for the oil, (I prefer to use a squeeze bottle for better control) whisking vigorously get a small stream of oil going, it should start to emulsify. As it thinkens up a bit you can increase oil flow and slow down on whisking. If oil sits on surface slow stream and fold it in before resuming.
    The oil is both to cut the acidity and give it some volume. You shouldn't need more than a cup or two, my squirt bottle hold roughly 2 1/2 cups and there's always plenty left.
    * one last dash of brown sugar to sweeten it up a bit and it's a done deal. It is meant to be Tart to counter balance all the fruit.

    I suppose if you were to use it on a different salad, the herbs can be directly to the dressing.

    This dressing was designed specifically to pair with these salad components. Consume at your own risk :)

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    Jun 13, 2012
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    I love the idea of this thread!! Subscribing.
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    pretty sure there was a nudge or two in there from you as well. Thank you.
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    Who me??? [​IMG]
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    Mar 10, 2016
    Thank you!
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    Spicy pickled eggs are done today, left the jar on the counter at work for the lunch cook to sample, he's a bit of a bar jockey and is into that sort of thing :) theyre hot :)
    I'll let you know how these are tonight.

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    Great idea for a thread. Thanks for starting it! [​IMG]
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    no no no sir, thank you. You and Sally do great stuff here.
    Much appreciated.
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    If these are deemed good tonight, post the recipe please! [​IMG]
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    you can count on it. I may even post several ways to cook the eggs. :)


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