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Discussion in 'Egg, Chicken, & Other Favorite Recipes' started by attimus, Mar 25, 2016.

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    They have their place I just haven't tapped into it yet..... [​IMG] I broke down and bought one that was digital. Basically I want to use it for making Bone-stock. and or soups. The stove I have at grandmas only has one burner that works reliably. The one at home is a high BTU five burner and runs off Propane.

    In this fractured life I have I am spreading myself pretty thin. The idea was to start something the night before have it turn on cook the prescribed time then keep it warm till dinner. The successes I have had were Corned beef, Pot roast, and Chile. The beans came out too watery and hard still.

    I follow my Grandmas pinto bean recipe these days any more. She picks and washes and throws em into the pot with the ham hocks. and covers with water. No soaking or parboiling. Or seasonings... I refuse to cook without seasonings so I ad pepper and garlic. But reserve the salt for the last half hour. I have no idea how long to cook but simmered on medium till low till it smells good. Water level has to be maintained so i check periodically. Served with hoe cakes or savory cornbread.

    Hoe cakes basic

    1 cub Boilking Hot water
    2 cups Cornmeal
    Bacon grease for frying

    stir the cornmeal and water together till the cornmeal absorbs the water. it will be like Thick cookie dough. and too hot to touch. Scoop a spoon full up and quckly form it into a ball then flatten with your fingers. to about a half inch thick. Yep its hot. but if your quick the first few wont burn too bad. Drop immediately into the hot pan with about two tablespoons of bacon grease.cook till crisp and flip.
    These were made in the fields on a shovel over a wood fire.

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    Almost all dry legummes need to be soaked in water for the night , it will reduce the cocking time and the side effects....
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    How many quail eggs can you fit in a jar?
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    24-30 GOOD sized ones.

    For PINT jars
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    Last night's dinner.
    Guacamole bacon cheese burger.
    On the grill with some corn
    Here's the guac
    Just added a few spoonfuls of fresh salsa( I made the other night) plus some extra seasoning.

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    My quac is yummy and easy. Avacado, mayo and homemade salsa all mixed up.
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    I love Avocado just about all ways.... My favorite is diced and tossed with a little lemon and very good olive oil salt and pepper and garlic... served on Sour Dough bread or a bit of mixed greens. used as mayo for sandwiches.... You can use it also as an oil substitute

    Right now Avocados are going for five dollars a bag at the road side stands.... when you get them they are dead ripe.

    I have even had Avocado Pie..... at a potluck I still havent found a recipe. It was a lightly sweet refrigerator pie.

    I am a member of Weight Watchers so I am constantly revising my regular recipes. Lightening them up And surprisingly Avocado is one of those tools.

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