Assarted heavy layer specials (pullet or as hatched) opinons

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    I have noticed most (not all) hatcheries having a heavy layer bargain (usually 5-10 cents cheaper per bird). I was wondering if anyone had an experiance or opinion on this way of raising chicks. I have seen many people post they have went and ordered many chicks 2 of one breed and 3 of another and enjoying figuring out the breeds and such, but I was wondering about these type assortments. I realize they are left overs after they fill everyone else's orders since they cannot count their chickens before they hatch amd also a few late cancelations, that may mean you end up out of 50 chicks you might get 3 of one breed and 47 of another or 2 of 25 different breeds. but I want to hear your stories on this.
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    Jan 8, 2015
    Near where I live, almost all the farm stores order around 100 or so "assorted heavy layer pullets" to have in a bin that is a fair bit cheaper. They usually look to have an even mix of BR, BO, and RIR. I think the hatchery that supplies the chicks has some designated to hatch for the assortment as well, and I've had good luck with heavy breed assortment. Of 4 chicks I added for shipping, I got 2 BR, and one BO and RIR, respectively. I saved probably about $5 total on the chicks, spending $12 and change. I liked all the breeds, and I have gotten some from the farm stores as well. You can really get your money's worth when you know what breed is what and, since the employees aren't really good with the chick catching, they let me box the ones I want to get.
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    one of the chain stores near me advertise a red feathered pullet bin, that's the closest to what you are referring to and I figured they had a deal with a hatchery to send them a number of hens and advertised it that way so they would get a better deal (and still charge the same as the rest of the chicks) since many people wouldn't know the difference between a red comet or a RIR). But I saw many hatcheries advertise that but not the farm stores in my area.

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