Asserting dominance or mating behavior?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Kaala, Jul 24, 2016.

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    Apr 25, 2016
    I have three indoor pet ducks, all of which are very healthy and are drakes, the two twin sweedish black ducks have only just begun to get their tail curls :) However one of them, who is a Rouen, has gotten his tail curl about a month and a half ago. As I did when they were babies, I take them out daily, lay down on the floor and set them on my chest and bond with them, they're always very friendly and sweet, of course the first thing they go for is my hair but they're ducks.

    - however, the rouen, being the biggest of the three, has begun showing weird behavior (weird for me anyways). when I set him on my chest he latches onto either my shirt or finger, and then wiggles frantically from side to side as if hes adjusting himself. Now at this point I just go into hysterics of laughter, its so silly! But is he trying to mate with me or is he just showing that hes the dominant duck? The other two DO NOT do this, in fact they just do duck things (nibble on hair, clothing, jewelry, or whatever they can get their beaks around).

    Edit: I'd also like to point out that they all head bob at me (have done that since I hatched them) but my Rouen is the one that headbobs the most and more frequently when he sees me, if that has anything to do with his behavior.

    I'm not at all concerned, but I figured I'd ask. The last thing I want is to get corkscrewed in the face by my baby boy (lol).

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    Yes, it sounds like he thinks you are a suitable mate and is trying to figure out how to mate with you. Definitely mating behavior. If he was trying to dominate you he would just be biting and chasing you. I guess it could be taken as a compliment? Sometimes this happens with hand-raised ducks, they don't quite know they are ducks and not people. ;) I have a female that solicits me during breeding season (lays down flat with wings slightly out for me to mount her, lol). She was never interested in mating with my drake.
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    Apr 25, 2016
    Well its good to know he loves me lmao. I really can't be bothered by it, hes friendly otherwise, just didn't know really what to think of it besides how weird it was and how silly he acted.
  4. MotherToMoose

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    Oct 19, 2016

    I have a question after reading this thread. I have a single runner, about 4 months old. He/she lives with my dog and I see the behavior of dominance where he/she is chases my dog around the house. But towards me and duck does both behaviors as you described for males and females. Bites my hand and like stands tall shaking but then I'll be doing the dishes and he/she will just be sitting there quacking and when I look he/she is laying flat to the floor with wings to the sides. I'm mainly just trying to figure out the gender. I know I could wait until an egg is laid or not but it's just strange to me that my runner is doing both sides of the mating behavior lol
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    @MotherToMoose If your hearing loud quacking and she is squatting on the floor with wings out I'd say female Both sexes will have dominant behavior towards one of their own or another animal if given a chance. Hope your dog is understanding.
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    Another note, if you're identifying the sound as a quack, it's likely female. Males make an altogether different sound that sometimes makes folks think their duck is sick.

    Look on YouTube for some videos of drake sounds and you should be able to tell the difference pretty quickly!
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