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    My top hen Molly is a very confident but kind lead hen. She rarely chases the other girls or displays any type of dominant behaviour. She does like the best pick of the food and she will chase another hen slighly if she thinks they are getting a bit too bossy for their own boots but altogether a very sweet big girl.

    Today however I noticed she kept mounting my leghorn cross (Thelma) who I would say is second or third in the ranking (I'm not sure). Molly likes to crow a little on a morning too given the chance so I am wondering if this is her again mimicking a cockerel. She proper stood on top of Thelma and with the weight of her Thelma was flattened to the ground untill Moll got off. It really looked like they were mating to anyone who didn't know they are both girls.

    Is this common and should I be worried as Thelma is only a light chicken of medium size and Molly is like a truck. I'm worried Molly will hurt one of the girls.

    Molly the randy hen ...


    Thelma ...

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  2. My lead hen Angel is very kind and confident also but she does mount at least two of the other girls. Angel is a Brahma and the other two are an EE and a Silkie mix. I now have a rooster but she continues to play the part despite him. [​IMG]
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    I've read several posts about a hen taking on the role of a rooster when there is no rooster in the flock. I've never read that one mounted another one...oh wait, yes I have and they were thinking that they had a lesbian chicken [​IMG]. So this behavior isn't that strange. And they would crow also. I think it's a good thing because Molly will probably be good about watching for danger while all the others go about their business. My rooster is really a good protector of the flock and I feel good that he's out there with them keeping an eye to the sky for hawks and such.

    My brahma rooster is considerably larger than my seabright and she's fine, so I wouldn't worry about Molly hurting Thelma.
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