assorted 6 wk. chicks and silkie cockerels in pa


11 Years
Jun 28, 2008
Northeast, PA
I am looking to place 3 lavender 6 wk. Silkies, pet quality only. One does not have feathered feet . They are cute and getting fluffy but not like the show lines, if anyone just wants some cute pets. I also have 2 EEs also 6 weeks. They are from Ideal . I am not sure of gender on these chicks. I would like 10.00 for all 5. Pick up near Hazleton, Pa.if anyone wants them. I can meet in Wilkes Barre also or near I-80 at exit 262 Mountaintop also. I could also meet in Berwick on Rt 11, Jim Thorpe on 209.
I also have one 5 month approximate blue Silkie Roo from good lines for a back yard flock or someone who wants to use him for breeding nice pets. I am not sure whether he will be SQ but his lines are good. I would like 15.00 for him. I paid 17.00 for him as a chick.
I also have a really pretty splash Roo about 16 weeks. He was a cull because of having 4 toes on one foot.
But he has heavy foot feathers and would be a pretty addition to a pet flock . His lines are good too. I would like 10.00 for him. I can post or email pics if anyone is interested.

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