At what age can chickens have warm oatmeal?


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Mar 30, 2013
Cleveland, GA
Well, it got colder last night than we'd expected. With eight little pullets in their new home for the first time, we found them all huddled in a wad in the corner this morning :(. They're around eight weeks old. Are they too young for a bit of warm oatmeal? I'm mostly concerned about one of the smaller ones who had already been hassled before we got her and doesn't have a lot of feathers on her back right now.
Thanks for your input.
I've given my chicks (ranging from 6.5 weeks to 8.5 weeks) a bit of warm oatmeal and they loved it. I added a handful of raisins and fed it to both my older flock (11 month olds) and the babies and it was gobbled rather quickly. I'm not a seasoned chicken raiser but they seem fine with having it.
No problem. Before the chicks arrived and I only had the big girls I would give them warm oatmeal once or twice a week during the cold months. Sometimes mixing raisins in or mealworms or even diced fruit. I don't even make breakfast for my 12 and 15 yr old. Spoiled flock!
Oh, I also read that they do not need grit until they are eating things other than their feed. Does oatmeal constitute "other than feed"?
I started giving my chicks oatmeal, yogurt and mashed fruit when they were 6 weeks old and it worked out just fine. Every other day or so I would bring something out to the brooder as a treat and they absolutely loved it! I am convinced that "treat time" helped with the socialization and introductions between the new chicks and the established flock when it came time to merge the two. Even in Vermont I would still give them yogurt and "cold" treats in the winter, when they needed warmth and shelter they would just go inside the coop and snuggle. When they free range they don't get as many treats but they do love watermelon in the summertime!
Thanks, VT Chick! I just hoped for the best yesterday and they ate up every bit of it except the raisins. ! So this morning they got a bit more and finally moved out into the run this afternoon, where they began eating some of the sand, so I guess that should take care of my concern. All went out of the coop except the two smallest, ore shy ones. I agree with your statement about the treats helping with their socialization. They really do seem to be warming up to me.

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