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    I have a RIR (1 of 4 RIR, plus 4 Plymouths), who attacks my husband and me. I have been pecked a number of times, and bitten twice! My husband, once (he didn't believe me until she bit him). She runs up agressively to do it. I have no idea why. She's terrorizing me. She is biting the person who gives food treats and general coop management. What the????

    Is this normal? I don't recall that RIR were agressive birds. When they arrived (about 18 weeks old), all the reds were sweetie pies. We handled them with ease...any ideas?


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    AttacK hen. Sorry about that typo.

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    I had one like that. I'd pop her on the head with a plastic cup when she pecked me. That didn't stop her though. Just try to do all the coop work with one eye on her and do it fast. Thank heavens it is only 1 attack hen. [​IMG]
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    Ok, well you are a brave person. I carry a stick of sorts, and started wearing a long rain coat to cover my legs....but you are a teacher to 4th graders--fearless!!

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    one word:
    Dinner. [​IMG]

    haha call me sadistic...but it is an option.

    or you could try the whole dominance thing? carry her around for awhile (given she doesnt maul you in the process). someone on another thread mentioned giving her wattles a shake?

    I'm probably not the best person for advice, but one thing I can't stand is an animal with bad manners (be it my dog, horse OR hen haha)
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    Grab her by the legs and carry her upside down 'till she calms down. Then flip her upright and carry her around while you do your chores. If you don't have a roo, she could be trying to prove to you she's above you in the pecking order.

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