Attack of the mosquitos!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by showjumper_girl2002, Aug 14, 2019.

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    I live near Ocala, Florida. I agree with Mary, I use the permethrin dust on the birds and spray in the coops. It also keeps away other nasty pests and there is no egg withdrawal period and I have way less flies in the coops now than I used to.
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    Thank you cmom! I will definitely have to try this out.

    Last night I sprayed a little skin so soft on a couple walls in the coop and on the windows. I didn't put much on my girls, just a little on their legs. I went out after dark to see how it was working and there was barely a hand full of mosquitoes! This morning when I opened the door not ONE was in sight :celebrate! This was like night and day compared to the previous night where I saw hundreds and the following morning when a giant cloud came out when I opened the door.

    I will definitely keep doing this. I do want to try the Healthy Pen Spray too cmom, since you mentioned it adds a nice smell.

    Thanks again everyone! :D
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    I don't think Permethrin works on mosquitoes.
    I've sprayed mosquitoes here with Permethrin and all that happens is the air pressure from the spray knocks them over and a couple of seconds later they are buzzing around again.
    Screen or mosquito netting works but it needs to be gap less. Any gap and the mosquitoes will find a way in.
    Light does not attract mosquitoes. It's the Carbon Dioxide you breath out that attracts them.
    To the best of my knowledge there is no effective mosquito repellent. If there was, the mosquito would cease to be such a world health problem.
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    I bought the wrong Permethrin. According to the research I did "Also aids in the reduction of cockroaches, mosquitoes and spiders." There is a truck that goes down our road and back at night once in awhile spraying something. I wonder if it's permethrin for mosquito control? We live on a dead end road, the truck goes down to the end, turns around and comes back spraying something. I see it once in awhile on one of my game cameras and have heard it go by and got up to check it out. No traffic on a dead end road so when I hear something in the middle of the night go by, I check it out.
  6. I live in the Tampa Bay area too and have the same cloud of mosquitoes in my coop. For the last few years I've been using a product called Pyranha Zero Bite because I'm lazy and I don't want to mix up my own spray. It's $42 a gallon on Amazon. I'm replying using my phone and attached a photo of the ingredients. I hope it shows up.
    So I sprayed the coop down this morning and I noticed ants in the rubber rain threshold at the bottom of the door! Agghhhh! Anyone who lives in Florida knows about ants. I saturated the opening and I'll be damned if they didn't die. Some ants are hard to kill here and I might be onto something. I ran out of the spray but when it comes tomorrow I'm going to spray down the outside of the coop as well.
    I set up a couple of fans to clear the air and will go out and dust the whole thing with DE in a little bit.
    Has anyone used a diffuser in their coop with a nice little mix of citronella and lemongrass or something? I thought of doing that to see if it keeps the mosquitoes from coming in.
    Does anybody put anything in the drinking water to keep the mosquitoes out of there?
    I'll run over to Home Depot and get a few marigolds and any of the other plants mentioned to stick around the outside.

    It's definitely a multi step plan. One thing just isn't going to cut it.

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    I would definitely set up an attractant trap near the coop to draw blood feeding flies away from your chickens. UV light and CO2 work best as attractants in my experience. Google around for this kind of setup, you can make them if you have the wherewithal.
  8. That's a great idea, Sue. I immediately started to research it and will add something like that to my arsenal.
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