Attack roosters!!!!


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Mar 20, 2013
Why are my two roosters so mean! I have always used a gentle hand with all my chickens. I raised them from young to full grown. T he two roosters are just aweful. If anyone walks in the yard they attack! This is golden buff and dominicker. The golden buff has slowed down, but the dominacker eyes me as I step off the porch and waits until my back is turned---wham!!!!! And he doesn't stop, he just keeps comming. My husband is keeping the soup pot on the stove. Says if that bird jumps him again, it's soup. How can I make him stop?


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Roosters have instincts to protect their flocks. They see anyone else as an intruder and possible predator.

There are threads here on BYC about "training mean" roosters.... picking them up and walking them around anytime they attack you.

Having more than one roo, also makes it a competition as to which one is the better protector.

I don't rehome mean roos, because then they become someone else's problem.

Over the years I've discovered that mean roos in a crockpot with potatoes and carrots are delicious.
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Mar 15, 2010
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You can make him stop by letting your husband use the soup pot. How would you feel if a child came onto your yard and was injured? Or an elderly person? Or anyone, for that matter. The roosters don't care how gentle you have been with them. They see themselves as dominant over you. Get rid of them and find a nice one. There are nice ones around, you just have to find them.


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Apr 8, 2013
i had a stunning grey leghorn that turned nasty he attacked everyone who walked onto the yard i tried picking him up but to no avail he still did it, i was gutted cos he was a great specamin but he had to go! i swapped him for a rhode island red cross game hes a darling so sweet with us and his ladies! my other is in a cage with another on a farm that has 37 for breeding , i felt bad at first but at least he is alive and looked after

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