ATTN:: Going to Orrville AL :: Designer Ducklings and white scovies

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    Jul 9, 2008
    Well Im stuck most of the time in Montgomery but ill be going to the West Dallas Antique show in Orrville Alabama, under clanton.

    I have Designer ducklings born last weekend ( magpie, cayuga, runner cross ) Most stand straight like runners. Blues, Blacks, And Fawns.

    I also have 3 White scovie drakes ( bout 1 month + ), used to being hand fed as well as handleable, great for kids.

    Drakes - $7
    Females - $10
    ( Will bargain if buying more than one)

    Ducklings - $5 each

    PLEASE dont hesitate to Pm me if interested, im overrun with ducklings and my feed bill is going up.

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