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    This is an Auction Formated Listing - Please do not PM to bid! - Place your bid in a reply.

    Bidding will start at: $ 20.00
    Additional bids will be in increasing $ .50 cent increments

    Shipping will be via USPS Priority at a cost of $14

    Auction ends at 6 pm EST on Saturday March 17

    Please place your bid as a reply to this classified (do not PM to bid!).
    Subscribe to this classified auction using the immediate notification setting when you bid so that you can stay informed!

    Up for bid are 12 marvelous blue laced red Wyandotte eggs. These large fowl birds are so beautiful that friends and neighbors will be envious of your pets and egg layers.
    They are friendly and happy chickens. Your flock will do well free ranging or penned. They lay a large brown egg and seldom go broody so they give you eggs for breakfast and cooking. Not only are they gorgeous but they are useful. Not many pets can help feed the family regularly like these awesome looking birds! The rose combs do well in cold weather and mine live in a large tractor with free range time every day.
    There are splash BLRW hens as well as dark blue BLRW hens as seen in the photos. This makes for a gorgeous flock to delight you and your family. A gentle enough breed for anyone to handle.

    Fertility has been great, hatching has been 99% but as with any shipped eggs there are no guarantees once the box goes to the PO. All eggs are bubble wrapped and placed in a Priority box lined inside with layers of more bubble wrap for a safe trip.
    Shipping only in the US. Payment via PayPal within 12 hours of auction close. These will ship out on Monday.

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