Auction.......CLOSED Serama Fertile Hatching Eggs, Ends on Sunday 4/20/14 7pm Pacific time.


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Up For Auction: 10+ Fertile Serama Hatching Eggs!

Bidding Starts at $10.00

Leave comment below to post your bid of any amount.


My birds are nice for PQ and I have a few that I have acquired from great known breeders.

I have worked hard at keeping my birds happy and healthy with a clean place to live.

I have 5 nice looking Seramas Roosters in a pen with 12 hens.
Not all are laying but I'm getting 3-4 eggs from them a day.

I have one Frizzle Rooster, one Silkied Rooster now mating, 1 or two Smooth Roosters that carry the silkied gene and one smoother rooster.
The Hens are all smooth but one hen carry's the silkied gene.

I've been hatching beautiful serama chicks from them and From time to time I make videos of them on my Youtube channel.
I also have customer hatch results showing them off and also showing the unboxings of my shipments.

Bidding starts at $10 April 18th 2014 which is now and will end on Sunday the 20th at 7pm My time in Washington State which is Pacific time. I can ship them on Monday Morning if payment is received in time!

I ship Priority Mail which is 2-3 days and I send tracking info for you to track your eggs.

I only ship in the UNITED STATES ONLY .

Shipping cost is $13 so what ever the bid ends at please add this shipping cost to your final WON BID.

Please ask any questions before bidding if any :)

Thank you for supporting a New small Homestead, Happy bidding!

My links are on my page so see my birds in action.

ALSO if you wish to see my other listing of eggs ill have later, please FOLLOW ME on here to get my updates and auctions or buy it now option.

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Congratulations you are the winner of the eggs :)
Thank you so much for the support I appriciate it so much.
My paypal is [email protected]
If you like i can send the invoice i just need your email or you can pay your self by going into your paypal and sending the money out that way .

Total for these serama hatching eggs came to $$33
I collected some eggs on Friday Saturday and Today so Tomorrow ill collect extras to send off and your tracking will be sent in an email.

Please make sure your address is in the paypal NOTE or if you send the money through an Invoice Ill already have an address to ship eggs.
Or you can send your address on a Private message here.

As soon as you have sent the payment i can then ship.

Thank you again and message me if any changes :)
Have a great sunday :)

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