12 Years
Aug 8, 2007
Maryland 21787
My solid blue marans are producing some absolutly stunning chicks.
I started this line several years ago... and am really looking forward to the quality I should have this year.

This auction is for 12+ eggs. Auction will close Tuesday at noon EST I will ship on Wed.
paypal imediatly after auction please, and put your byc name with the pmt. thank you
Add $15 for shipping.

I didn't want to clutter up your auction by asking questions. But now that it has closed, I hope that's ok. I'm new to BYC and new to chickens. I've been reading these boards at every opportunity and soaking up info! Your birds really are stunning and the eggs they produce are just gorgeous. These Marans eggs are just beautiful. But (here's my question) what is solid blue Marans? Are they like the lavender breeds and the color breeds true, or are they blue/black/splash? How long do you expect to be able ship eggs? (My dear husband is almost finished with the chicken house and the incubator should arrive any day.... I suspect he doesn't know what he's in for!)

Your Ameraucanas and peafowl are also just incredible! You've obviously put a lot of work into these guys.

Thanks so much!
H Cathy :))
I developed my line of solid blue marans several years ago from a blue copper rooster and a black maran hen... its taken a few generations to breed the coppor color out... but the chicks I procuce each year are better than the previous year.
The chicks are blue black and splash.

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