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    I posted this on the wrong forum (Managing Your Flock) & didn't know how to move it so...

    I went to my first poultry auction Monday.
    As a Total Newbie I wanted to see how this worked.

    I saw some likely-looking hens but I also saw some so crammed into boxes/cages they couldn't stand and so it was hard (for me) to evaluate if they were healthy.
    The ones who had room to stand seemed alert and at least I could see what condition they were in.

    A lot of the sellers were absentee - just dropped off their stock and left. The auction was Cash & Carry & it seemed like some of the lots could be purchased separately once a price was reached.

    Question #1-If the sellers of the crammed birds had been there would it have been okay for me to ask to see the birds out of the cages?
    I don't mean walking around, but just held up so I could see they had 2 legs, nice coats (is that what you call it?), etc.

    If I don't end up buying hens from this auction my next best bet (I think) would be a Swap.

    Question #2-how does a Swap work? Is it just a kind of fleamarket thing?

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    Mar 27, 2008
    It never hurts to ask,if i want a better look ill ask for them to take it out so i can see it better...
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    I take the hens out at the auction. If I am buying them then I want to know what I am getting.

    Swaps are like flea markets I have never really swapped. Only bought. [​IMG]

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