Aussie laying at 20-weeks!!!

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    I thought maybe my Black Australorp was laying already a few days ago, but now I am quite sure. I got 5 eggs today out of my nests. I have 5 Dark Cornish (not a great layer, but have started laying in the middle of this cold snap of -15 to -20˚ the last month), but I have never gotten more than 3 eggs in a day. Today I collected 5, and one is noticeably smaller and a mauve-ish color. I believe my very first, raised from a chick pullet has blessed me with her offering [​IMG] I have not been adding light for them, but I have been giving them a few black sunflower seeds and some calf manna. I did notice the manna gets them laying though if they haven't been. Thanks to advice from a BYCer. Also, her comb and wattles are just as red as the DCs are, I looked real close today. [​IMG] I think I have become a full fledged chicken geek.

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    That is same color as my Aussies lay. MIne started at 5 mo too. They were the shyest of the 4 breeds I have. They are the sweetest disposition of any of my 4 breeds. I now have two that will jump up in my lap and settle down for a nap. Ist one to make friends with me was RIR. She was soon followed by a pair of Barred Rocks. The golden comets and black Aussies did not make friends, but then one day one black aussie did at around 1 month. The comets were the last to come around and it was at 5 months.

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