Australorp pullets or roos?


7 Years
Sep 10, 2012
Vernon Parish, La
I have pictures from today of the australorps that I'm unsure of. The first pic is definitely a roo. He is 9 weeks and has had a larger comb since the 5 week or so mark. He appears to be the leader of the flock. Then there are two others. hey are just over 11 weeks. I was convinced both were pullets. One is a lap dog and is the most friendly and docile bird I have. The other was also quiet until about two weeks ago. She went through a drop in tail feathers, then started displaying some attitude toward the other birds. I'm hoping someone can tell me if I'm right that the first guy is the only roo in this trio.

Mr. T...great green and purple sheen in the daylight. His comb has always been black. It is just starting to show some pink also. Matured faster than the other birds. 9 wks

Mr. T again...he was walking the fence perimeter while everyone was eating.

These two are of Bertha at just over 11 weeks. She developed her comb around 8 weeks. She's the great happy one. She lets the little silkie sleep under her. With the hen like behavior, surely she's not a he, is she?

This, however, is Betty Lou. Also, 11 or so weeks. Comb grew and pinked up around 8 weeks. I took this pic so you could see her leg size...not very large. My daughter won't be happy to know she's also displayed in this photo. :0) You can see in the bottom pictures that her comb isn't that large, but her tail went all funny. She lost all of her tail feathers but one--and it stands out proudly! With the change in behavior, is she a roo? I appreciate any help! I'm just baffled with this one.

I see all pullets so far. Roos are usually a lot more apparent at this age. But, post again in 3-4 weeks and maybe we can confirm.
Even the first? Just based on his growth and maturity, we assumed he was a roo. Then he took over the flock. He is the dominant bird but also appears to be the protector. I was convinced he was a roo. I was more worried about the last one being a roo! It's been hard to be sure. All their legs are the same size and they are all feathered the same. The first bird just has more of the green and purple sheen to him than the others.

Thanks for the input! I will keep you posted.

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