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Apr 1, 2014
I know people are looking for project ideas for their birds, so I figured I'd share this simple one I just did. $4.99 out-of-pocket for an automatic waterer? Not to shabby.

I was in Cackle Hatchery a week or so ago, and they had these "Poultry Watering Nipples" for $4.99. (Apparently, they're $5.99 online)

I decided to make my own bucket watering system I've seen for $30+ on various sites. I drilled four holes, and threaded them through. The only real issue I had was the bit. It needs a 21/64, which I was able to get in a drill set @ Jacob's Cave for $18. Once those holes were done and the nipples were hand-tight, a 5/8 socket tightened them up. They have a washer on them already, so no silicone was needed. No leaks, and the girls are loving it.

Agreed. I was changing water 2-4x a day (chicks). Not because they drank it all, but because it would always get mucked up.

A 1 gallon bucket in a brooder with these nipples last longer than my cleaning schedule.. So it gets washed and refilled long before it's empty.
We've done this with our chickens as well. We used a bucket for the chicks hung in the outside run of theirs, and then in the big hen coop we had a pvc pipe connected to a 200 gallon tank of water, it had the same nipples hooked up. Basically to teach them how to use it, we pick a few of the hens, maybe 1 alpha and 1 on the bottom of the food chain, and show them how to use it. If you teach a few to use it, the others will pick it up sooner or later.

EDIT: Now, to get DUCKS to use it. That's another story.
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how far off the ground are the nipples? I plan on hanging my bucket from under the coop and wondering how high it should be. I have 2 sexlinks and 2 Rhode Islands.
About 20 inches. I made several loops in the twine so I can raise and lower as they grow.

I found this float valve on Amazon.

Also an adapter to connect to a hose.

When they arrive, I'll install and update the post.

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