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    I made this automated feeder using a 5 Lt water bottle, 35 cm rain gutter with stop ends mounted onto a piece wood and a 600 mm x 40 mm pvc drain pipe. It holds enough pellet food for 13 chickens for 5-6 days.


    In order to minimize wastage I control the flow of the food by widening or reducing the gap between the bottom of the drain pipe and the "floor" of the gutter. I achieve this control by inserting or removing a spacer underneath the gutter. This feeder works well for any dry food, meal, crumbs and pellets.

    The flow rate must be set so that the food does not spill into the gutter. The chickens must eat the food from the opening of the drain pipe.
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    Another invention that will come in handy as I get more girls. Thank you for sharing.
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    cool; really simple.

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