Automatic Brooder


12 Years
Mar 12, 2007
Dual side brooder with a glass divider, it's glass so chicks can get used to seeing the objects on the other side. The lines on the glass is so the chicks don't run into the glass. The left side is for baby's and when they need more room, the glass center divider slides out and baby feeders removed for more space. The front glass are removable in case it gets broken in storage/moving or I want to put in a screen instead of glass. All painted for cleaning/sterilizing between batches. The bottom has 1/4" screen and is an open bottom, waste is easily removed by lifting side handles on the brooder and replacing newspaper, chicks don't have to be removed to clean. Has a wireless temperature gauge so I can monitor the temperature from inside the house (brooder in the detached garage). And of course an automatic water bowl.

Dual light bulbs that operate independently. One for light and basic heat, the other is connected to an industrial temperature controller to maintain temperature. The controller does ramping, which means I can slowly lower the temperature the 5 degrees a week automatically. A cover in front of the bulbs so one doesn't have to look into the light bulb glare when watching the chicks play.

Now my favorite part. The hopper fed trough feeder is PVC piping and you will see from the side pic that it curves inward, this is to stop bill out of feed, virtually no waste. I've found that store bought feeders would have about the same amounts of poo and feed on the floor.


In the back, the hopper to feed the trough feeder, holds about 15 pounds of feed. The baby feeder has been modified into a hopper feeder to simply add feed without removing feeder. Here you can also see the automatic water bowl supply line.
I finally got some chicks, I originally wanted 12, but this year the store didn't have the other breed I wanted.

Did some modifications to the chick feeder to make it virtually waste free. Keeping it as high as possible helps a great deal but the secret is the feed height regulator (white ring inside) for the hopper. The feed you see on the floor is from previous experiments.

Since my brooder is in the detached garage, I added a chick cam. Picture quality is better IRL. A wireless camera that I can turn on/off from inside the house.
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