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Mar 25, 2017
Western NY
Hello all. I just installed my Cheeper Keeper automatic coop door with a light sensor. In the instructions, you can change the light sensitivity of the device. It says turning it one way will give you an earlier opening and earlier close, and turning it the other way will give you a later opening and later close...(to be specific, opening is when the door opens in the morning and closing is when it will close at night)

Now I'm no expert (and it's 4am), but that doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't making it more sensitive mean earlier opening/later closing? Hopefully this is not a stupid question. I will ask the company if I don't get responses here.

Thanks in advance.


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They are not talking about opening at 4am, if you got your "eye" turned away from the sun rise---it will open later and close later because it will be facing the sun set. Not hours earlier and later---minutes to 1/2hr difference maybe. If you got chickens that drag going into the coop and the door shuts before they get in---face the eye more towards the sunset and it will give them a few more minutes before it closes, but would open a few minutes later.
I have a Brinsea Chickengard, but mine goes off a lux adjustment. It normally opens and closes when it senses that the light level outside is xxxx lux, but you can make it more or less sensitive to open or close when it's more or less.

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