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I REALLY need an automatic pop-door opener! I get up quite late as DH works the late shift. I also need the door to close up tight if I don't make it home in time. I know some of you have these openers, but I am confused as to how they work and what exactly to order.

Is the photo sensor better than the timer? I would think the timer is better because if it's a cloudy day or a storm brews up and darkens the sky, won't the door close out my hens? With the timer aren't you sure what time the door will close and open?

I have found the Foy's site that offers this door:

#2100 Doorkeeper (outside install) $189.95
#2101 Doorkeeper (inside install w/ sensor) $199.95
#2102 Timer $89.98
#2103 Sliding Door (9"w X 13"h) $28.95
#2104 Sliding Door (12"w X 15"h) $32.95
#2105 Sliding Door (13"w X 20"h) $44.95
#2106 Outside Light Sensor $22.95
#2107 Idler/Pulley for Doorkeeper $4.50

What do I need to order? ALL of these items? I'm not understanding what is included. If I get #2101 do I need the Timer #2102? I don't have a sliding door as a pop door right now, but I could make one myself, otherwise I'd have to order one of theirs? Does anyone have one - if so, what are they made of? Are they sturdy? Are they light weight so that the motor can handle them?

If anyone can explain these things to me in simpleton language or even post a picture of your set-up I'd be grateful!

I need to take a trip soon and my DH won't be home to close up the coop so I'm worried about leaving! Thanks!
I've checked e-bay for a drapery motor. The wiring diagram confuses me but I was hoping someone who had the Foy's opener could tell me more about it.
I've got the door that Foy's sells and have been very happy with it's performance. It is extremely easy to install. I have the inside model with the external light sensor and the sliding door mounted inside. The reason I elected to go this route was that I have a roof and small vestibule on the coop to prevent rain and snow entering the coop during the day. I would recommend you use the medium size door. You can use their door or build your own. It will lift a fairly heavy wooden door. It operate of 3 AA batteries.
Danke, Opa!

If you got the door from Foy's, what is it made of? Is it a sheet metal door? I have a roof too and that's why I thought the timer option would be better, but I assume you can mount the light sensor a few feet away, like around the corner on the other wall of the coop that isn't under a roof?
I have this one and in a year of daily use it has not failed us. I ordered it online and it was shipped promptly and with good communication from Larry Morris. It was easy to install with just a few screws. We LOVE it! 7/Automatic Chicken Door.html


Please excuse the crooked picture!

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I have the VSB manufactured in Germany. I believe Foys sells this one also. You can use either the timer or the photo eye, whichever you prefer. The only thing you need is the main unit and either one of the afore mentioned mechanisms to open the door. If you door opens any direction except sliding straight up, you might need a pulley. You can make your own door. I did, mine weighs about 5.5 lbs. Works great!! Love it! couldn't have chickens without it cuz I work full time and can't be home to let them out/in on time.

The timer works on 4 AA batteries, the photo eye works on the sun (free). The motor works on 1 D battery. Sorry in the photo below, the main unit was out for replacement under warranty as the first one sold to me by a different mfg went south and they would not honor the warranty with a new unit. The manufacturer in Germany replaced it for me. The unit on the upper left is the timer.

Since this picture was taken, I have switched from using the time to the photo eye. I was tired of having to adjust the timer to match the daylight hours. The photo eye is fabulous. Just needs to be installed at some point on the outside that receives the most light during the day time.
I've been looking at these also...what is the clearance needed from bottom of the door to the top?

Also, what's to prevent a raccoon from opening the door at night?
Do you mean how much room between the opener and the open door? I believe it is an inch. Let me know if you need more info because I just ordered one today from Foy's. I'm sure I can answer questions when mine comes and I'll see for myself.

Foy's said unless I buy a door, the warranty is void on the opener. Lovely.

To prevent the door from being opened by a coon, etc., my understanding is that you put a small lip at the bottom of the door, I plan to use a strip of wood.
I bought my directly from the manufacturer in Germany. I use my own door and when I had a problem with the unit I emailed them and told of the problem and they sent me a completely new circuit board for no additional cost. I'm very happy with how the unit works. 4 AAA batteries operate it.

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