Avairy- How many birds can I keep in it?

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    So I have found an aviary for sale, and I have been intrested in getting a few ornamental waterfowl for a while now. I was thinking of Mandarins (since I've heard that they are good beginner ducks, Carolinas (Wood Ducks), or Fulvous/Blonde Tree Ducks.

    It's a 6 foot x 8 foot shed, with a 6 foot x 6 foot run either side, and I'm wondering if it would be suitable to keep ornamental waterfowl in, and if so, how many?


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    WOW, nice aviary! Would love to have one like it. I'm sorry I can't help you with your question. Only waterfowl I have are a couple swans that have their own yard and a nice house with run they stay in nights for safety. In your case if research doesn't provide a number maybe start with a few and see how it goes. You can always add more.
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