Ayam Cemani boy or girl?

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Feb 12, 2013
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((( important !!!!if you have these kinds of birds and want to comment, let me know, if you don't have this kind of bird you are welcome to guess, but please let me know if you are guessing, with out owning... thanks.))))

I am pretty sure I have a boy, which is fine, this chick is 2 months old. I know it is a warm weather bird, and may have a bigger comb even if it is a hen, kinda like a leghorn. Here are some diff pics...I can see the comb and the waddles are big, but the tail feathers especially in the second pic look roundish. I will be happy either way.
dawnacus 564.jpg

dawnacus 562.jpg
the AC is to the left, the bird on the right is a black LO/EE.
I traded him to a breeder friend. He has AC and wanted my rooster,(he was from a diff line.) he gave me an AC hen, (which I wanted more than a rooster), it was only 3 weeks old, and he sold me some 3 week old production layers to go with (packing peanuts) they were pullets, I just didn't want her to be lonely.

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