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Aug 19, 2009
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Can anyone give me a heads up on what the white powdery looking substance is on my silkie roos wattles. It's on both wattles. No raised bumps or anything--just kindof like someone lightly painted some white paint on his wattles. I have noticed a couple other chickens with a very small amount of this on wattles--no one is losing feathers so far. The weather finally warmed up here in Michigan, and I have snow melting everywhere, plus it has been raining, so my chickens are getting wet. There were a lot of cobwebs in the rafters of my chicken building when I was able to start cleaning out after winter. I'd appreciate any input, suggestions, or help. So far, all chickens are acting normal and happy--this roo is crowing and sparring with another roo, eating okay--doesn't seem to be troubled. Haven't seen anything like this in the past, but would like to know if it's bad news.


I can barely even see the wattles in the pic. I do see a weird comb and ears, but the wattles are too small. Can you crop or retake the pic, please?
Powdery, not waxy? If the roo seems happy, he probably is.

llsprings39, you need to go to your original post and click on edit. Retype a title, because "special effects" don't work in titles. Bolds, smilies etc are not used in thread titles. I suspect you may have gotten confused about wattles versus ears?

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