Baby chick got attacked by 2 cats


7 Years
May 15, 2012
I have a baby chick that is like a week and half old. It was in a cage outside where me and my boyfriend keep the little chicks but our new place has cats that roam around due to a neighbor that has many cats inside and outside her home and they are a constant nuisance. Our baby chick got attacked by two of them last night at like 1:30 this morning. The cats chewed off the chick's left wing and a small amount of the bone is sticking out and their claws had punctured it's back and right side under the wing. The left wing is completely gone and we don't have the money for a vet visit :( The chick is doing fine now, it's no longer in shock and it's chirping like it did before and sleeping and eating again but I need to know what to do to help it heal and not get infected cuz I know cats have very filthy mouths. So please anyone with information that you think will help please comment...Thank you
This is the clearest shot I can get right now
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Poor chick. I am hoping that there are no actual puncture wounds from the cat's mouth, because the wing was basically pulled off. The best thing to clean it with is betadine or a solution of iodine. You could use hydrogen peroxide for one cleaning, but repeated use of hydrogen peroxide slows healing. You can use neosporin antibiotic ointment with out the pain relief ingredient on a daily basis. Make sure none of the other chicks peck at the wound, because they tend to be attracted to blood. In fact it might be safest to build a barrier or keep the wounded chick in a separate clear container within the main chick container that allows it to see the other chicks but not get pecked by them. I hope you find a spot for them inside.
What does the neosporin with pain relief do?? Cuz that's all I have. There's small puncture wounds under his right wing and one on his back

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