Baby chick is STILL eating bedding????


11 Years
Sep 28, 2012
I had them on paper towels for a few days when i first got them, theyre now about 4-5 weeks old and mainly one continues to scratch to the bottom of the brooder and eat smaller pieces of the bedding. its become Very annoying, its rice hull bedding by the way, will she be okay?
I've never heard of that type bedding either. Just give them a dust bath container with some sand or dirt in it to scratch through, or some chick grit, so the things she eats can be digested.
I've heard of rice hull bedding... how much of it is she eating? If it's just a little, I'm sure she's fine. There maybe be small remnants of rice pieces in the bedding that she is finding. I'd just sprinkle some chick grit through the brooder so they have something to scratch for.
Where do you find rice hull? On a side note is it nice a good idea to use wood shavings, if so what type are best?

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