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I had a few questions...
My chicks are currently 2 weeks old and half feathered. I live in a moderate climate region and it is currently fluctuating between 40-60 degrees lately. When can I let them outside?

Also.. They are getting antsy and they want to perch but they can't get to the top of the bin. Should I put them up there or is it a sign that they are too young to perch since they can't do it themselves?
I've been building intermediate perches. Started out at a 2x4 standing up on edge. Then I put some "feet" on it to get a bit higher. Now I have a 2x2 that's about a foot off the ground that they have to fly up to.

I've seen them fly up and perch on the edge of their brooder as well (about 20 inches up), but since it's a large cardboard box they wobble and jump off pretty quickly.

As far as outside.. I wouldn't hesitate taking them outside on a 50+ day for a while so long as there is some sunshine for them to soak up and it wasn't too windy. Just watch them for signs they are cold (aggressive snuggling!)
Mine are the same age and I've been giving them outdoor time since 1 week old, in an enclosed pen. They love it!

Oh and my weather is about the same as yours, high around 60 most days. :)
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