Baby chicks cramping?


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Aug 27, 2012

We are new to chickens/chicks. Have 5 of different breeds in a brooder. They are about 2.5 weeks old right now. At some point, 4 of our birds have been freaking out, rolling around in the shavings, and not able to walk for a spurt of time. This usually happens to one at a time. The other chicks run over and the first few times, I thought they may be picking on the injured one. But, I'm not sure if they are pickng on the injured, or trying to clean the shavings off as they all want to be near the chick thats injured.

We had 2 birds cramp up this morning. We are using Purina medicated feed that is not expired. After about 5 mins, they are back to being seemingly normal, a little worked up, but normal. Is this usual? Part of a growth spurt? Or a nutrient deficiency? Illness? Something?

Any insight into this would help us stop worrying, or start, I guess.
I really cannot answer your question as I am new to chicks myself. I have six chicks that are between three and four weeks of age. I think they might be trying to dust bathe. I have a couple of chicks that do this at random. They will scratch wildly at one spot in the brooder and then lay down and "jiggle" like crazy. It alarmed me the first time I saw it. I tried to pick one up when it was doing this and I also thought it was paralyzed or something because it didn't try to stand or run away. After a few seconds it gotup and was just fine.

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