baby chicks dying


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May 3, 2009
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from farmerpete. just bought six baby black sex links ,six baby rd.island reds,and two araconas. They are starting to die, and a couple of our other young chickens they are in with have died also. This morning we noticed that one of the sex link chicks is pooping blood. should i notify the feed store where we bought them at ,or can someone here tell me what kind of problem they have and what should i do with the chicks?
Sounds like it might be coccidiosis. Others are sure to post with more info, but...are you using a medicated feed? Are you feeding them the starter/grower? ETA: You might get more responses by posting this on the emergencies, etc. thread.
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Are you certain it's blood? If so, it most certainly is coccidiosis and needs to be treated right away or they will all die. You can get either Sulmet or Corid to treat them with. The Corid seems to do a better job, but sometimes isn't available at all feed stores.

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