Baby chicks hatching!!


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Nov 29, 2015
This is only my 2 time to hatch out eggs in incubator. The first time 3 out of 8 hatched. . Well this time I have 5 that hatched out on day 20 last night. The chicks are moving the other eggs all over and where they were peeping is on the bottom now. Should I just leave alone? I have not opened at all due to they say don't open for 3 days! I really need advice I am new and not sure what to do. Thanks


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Apr 9, 2015
La Grange, KY
If your other eggs haven't pipped yet, it should be okay to move them. If they have pipped leave the chicks in. They can live off the yolk for 3 days, so the babies will be fine. If you open the bator when the chicks have pipped it could cause them to shrink wrap and they will die if you don't assist them in hatching. My first hatch I had that happen and had to assist 18 chicks. I stayed up more than 48 hours slowly removing the membrane and shell. All of them lived except one, but still it was very stressful for not only me but the chicks. That is something I don't want to go through again, and wouldn't recommend it to someone else unless necessary.

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