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Aug 25, 2020
So for a little backstory on how this happened, on November 11 & 12 me and my mom were at a wedding out of town. While we were gone my dad watched the chickens. When I got home that evening (the 12th) I went to lock up the chickens. And noticed my grey hen sleeping in a nesting box. And when I checked under her there were 12 eggs. My dad said she sat there the whole time we were gone so I knew they had probably already started developing. So I left her be. I relocated her and her nest into a small dog cage. And put the cage inside this big dog house I had just made for my dog I wanted her to have plenty of room and protection from the other hens wanting to lay in that box. Iā€™m not sure how many chicks we will get, if any. But if you have any advice on how to go about this in the winter time, Iā€™d really appreciate it. Iā€™d prefer not to bring them inside (because of the dust they create). But if I have to I will. I live in South Carolina around zone 7. To give an idea of what the weathers like. If we do get chicks Iā€™d like to take care of them the best way I can with it being colder. Iā€™d really appreciate your tips and tricks. Thank you in advanced!
I think with mama they will be fine! Just make sure a chick canā€™t get separated from mom. I know when mine are first learning to go into and out of the coop, mom often leaves one outside and we have to catch it. So just watch out for that kind of thing because chicks chill fast!
My dad said she sat there the whole time we were gone

anyway, with a mom they should be fine. just make sure (as above) they cant get separated. maybe keep them somewhere small for a few days. and keep the food and water close by because they wont be able to spend as much time out from under her if it's cold. but if their home sheltered from wind chill, it should be fine.

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