Baby chicks still pecking after Blu-kote


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May 10, 2015
Hi there. I have nine three week old chicks of various breeds. Yesterday I noticed that three of them were bleeding around their tail feathers. I cleaned them off, and used blu-kote on their wounds. After placing them back in the brooder box, two of the other hens went straight for them, pecking them like crazy.

We separated them for most of the day yesterday to allow them to get some rest, then gave the chicks some scrambled egg, added a little salt to their water, and placed the wounded chicks back in. We were hoping that the egg would prove a distraction, and offer some extra protein. The distraction worked for all but one of my chicks, who again attacked the three injured birds. After awhile the others caught on, and they began picking at them as well.

So we separated them again last night, and today plan to separate the brooder into two compartments with wire, so they can see/hear each other, but give the wounded chicks time to heal. Our brooder box is very big, and only one side is heated so they can move to a cooler part if they desire. Two of the breeds are a little older, but they are the ones being picked at.

I thought that blu-kote was supposed to keep the hens from pecking wounded birds? Any suggestions on how to handle this? I purchased crickets last night as well to give them something to occupy them today--maybe they're bored? I don't understand why they keep going after the three with blue backsides.


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