Baby chicks with pasty but! Help!

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Mar 19, 2014
I recently got and hatched some chicks. The 2 bantam BB Red Cubalayas I have developed pasty but and for the smallest one it is getting worse. I have tried warm water on a rag and warm oil on cue tips and it is not helping. I really don't want to lose them and need an answer soon because I will not be able to be here all day. Should I bathe them? Will the mom care for it? This happened with one of last years chicks and the chick had a mom. She did not seem to be caring for it or dealing with it that I knew of. I also used a warm water rag on that chick and found it trampled to death by the mom and chicks. I do not know if that is because it died of pasty but and then got trampled. :(

Please let me know what to do. I have heard the mom will care for it but because of the previous story I am not sure that is true. Any opinions on that and what to do will be appreciated.
I had a chick several months ago who had the worst pasty but
I ever saw and I did everything I could think of and the biggest
thing was he got cleaned up every day and I gave him a hard
boiled egg every two to three days for a month but I do have
many chickens anyway by week 10 or so it stopped and he is
a fine rooster at 16 weeks now and no problems ....

Just washing seemed to be the biggest thing really and you
are doing everything correctly so keep up the good work ...
One of my chicks keeps getting pasty butt and today I just held it's lil hiney under warm running water until I got it all off. It actually napped through most of it until the water went a lil cold then I heard some complaining lol
I had one chick that kept getting it. I started offering some yogurt and a boiled egg, mashed up, about twice a week until it was gone. Also, I cleaned his hiney multiple times a day and trimmed butt feathers and oiled the whole area (with vegetable oil, but can use vasoline) to keep poo from sticking. I also got some probiotics to add to the water for a week, and it cleared up after that. :)
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I always do the hiney under the warm running tap thing. Gently loosen the stuff off the butt while under the running water and have a tissue to dab dry. Never lost one to it. Just keep checking and after they are more than a few days old they usually don't get it again. Keep your brooder clean and the water fresh and clean-put some ACV in their water also.
Thank you all! I have been doing more vegetable oil and today a huge chunk came off. There is still a lot left though. I hope I am not hurting her, I am trying to be really gentle. It is just that she has been voiceless from day one and so has not the ability to protest. She seems not to mind though. If it doesn't start rapidly getting better though I will probably give her a little wash like you all recommended. Thanks again!
It seems like every time I clean the chick with pasty but up it doubles by the next day. I am probably going to wash her today. Are there any details I need to know before doing this?
you might want to wash her butt more often than just once a day - if she's getting quick build up or old build up, then she needs more cleaning. Gently of course.

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