Baby Quail food.....?

No flock raiser has too low of protein and other nutrients. Try to find a poultry feed with 24-28% protein. If your stuck with purina the turkey starter would be better. I know a button quail breeder that can't get gamebird starter so uses a feed aimed toward turkey and guinea fowl then ups the protein another 3% with some soybean meal.
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You can also grind up some high proten dry cat food and mix it in.

The cat food I have used had 30% protein and mixed it in with chick starter.. the quail love it and eat it up.
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Cat food is debateable. I definitely wouldn't use the cheap stuff from the grocery store. I might use evo or california natural. Make sure to provide them with grit if you feed anything other than poultry feed. You can get parakeet grit at any petstore.
Protien content is still protien content which ever way you look at it, that i know of they aren't allowed to lie about protien percentages. I used store brand kibble (ground up) as well as Instinct Canned cat food for mine. I personally offer grit and oyster shell daily to my birds no matter what i feed them they eat it so they surely need it

I personally only give catfood to my birds once a week, as well as once a week a boiled egg. They also get bugs (no pesticides around here) and I offer them cooked left over meat but they really dont seem to understand they can eat it so it ends up going to the chickens.

Darn it. I can't seem to find the turkey/game food anywhere. Anyone in the Portland, OR area buy this stuff? And where? My feed stores do not appear to carry it. I have a few more in phone book to try.......

Cat food may have to do as a high protein filler....lets see if they even hatch first (day 23 for Bob White today).
Well....I have a quail running around my bator and flock raiser is all I have on car until hubby gets home and then everything is closed....any ideas? Is it better than nothing or just wait until tomorrow?

I am so excited........ut I don't want to screw up with him/her (whatever this lil chick is!).

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