Baby quail with bloody legs/feet


13 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Southern Maine
I have some quail that hatched less than a weel ago. I noticed this evening that a few of them (4 out of 24) have bloody legs and feet. It almost looks like they are picking at each other.

Has anyone come across this and if so what can I do? I am a waterfowl person so have zero experience with quail! But I dont want to start loosing my babies.

If you think that they are being picked, you might want to isolate them, or maybe get some blue cote or rooster booster pick no more to put on their feet. It's supposed to help heal the wound and keep the others from pecking it as well. I can't give any reviews on it unfortunately, as I am new at quail as well, and currently have a baby who was picked. I isolated him and am planning on getting some blue cote or rooster booster for him. Hopefully someone much more experienced than me will give you some more advise, but I have heard that both of those solutions work. Good luck!
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Lower the temp in the brooder by 3 or 4 degrees. Do not crowd them in either. Both of these things will make quail turn on each other.

Also, if you are not already using a red or infra red bulb then I suggest you do so. White light can make babies excitable and cranky. White light does not allow for a good nights sleep like red or infra red light does.

Make sure their crumbles are small enough to eat. If they are too big, you will need to crush them up a bit. And always provide fresh water every day.

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