Baby Turkey Chick Problems

May 22, 2017
We hatched 7 baby turkeys via incubator and broody chicken combo methods. About 4 days ago we had one baby that was about 5-6 weeks old and it was laying on its side with its left leg not moving despite any stimulation. It was breathing heavily with its mouth open which is usually a sign of distress. After two days of it getting weaker it ended up dying.

Went out to the coop tonight and there was another one that was about 5-5 weeks old that was dead in the coop with no signs of trauma.

Any suggestions? They are bourbon red turkeys that are the offspring of some pure bred turkeys that we got last year about this time. I had always heard baby turkeys were hard as we have over 40 chickens we have raised without incident.

Any suggestions? The other birds appear to be normal and ok.

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