Back after more than a year w/a new chick - what is he/she?


14 Years
May 15, 2008
Honolulu, HI
Aloha everyone,

I haven't been to the boards for a long time, been busy & there's not much going on w/my RSLs except for the fact I think they've slowed down in laying (they're both almost 3).

ANYWAY the reason I'm here is I am sure someone can help me with the latest addition to my chicken fam. Who can tell me knows what this little cutie is?
I'm envious of you guys who can get clear pics!

TY in advance!


Aloha ChickNHawaii,

I am not too sure but it could be a game type bird. BBR or BBS type. Unless you got it form a local feed store, I can only guess it is an EE without a Beard. What kind of comb does it have? Where did you get the cute little Bebe from?
I'd guess some type of game bird as well.

Give it a week or two and we'll be able to tell better as the comb isn't clearly visible.

that type of coloring can sometimes also be a Silver Laced Wyandotte, but it looks to small to be that.
TY for the replies! So far it seems almost everyone has picked a different breed so it'll be interesting to see what this little one becomes.

I don't have any history on it, it's a rescue from my friend's yard - this & its sibling were in the rain the other night. The sib was all black & didn't make it.
Her neighbor's hen had laid a clutch in her garage so I assume that this is one of those chicks.

There's no comb visible yet - here are a couple more pics.




I was thinking & hoping for an EE though hehe. ^_^ Will keep updating!

When i looked at the picture it definitely has a single comb. So I want to say it is a Game birds chick. IF you could get the picture of the possible mother I definitely think it is a BBR type game bird. But so cute the picture and the little one looks really healthy. You are a Great foster MOM! I can't wait to see what the chick will be when it gets older...

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