Backing out after paying a deposit?

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If you paid a deposit for custom work( or say chicks as an example), and then decided to back out after your stuff was completed (or hatched), do you think you should get all or some of your deposit money back?

Consider this- materials(eggs) and labor (incubating) were put into your order.
Nope, a deal is a deal. I just went through this with paypal and a customer that backed out as soon as his eggs were shipped. Paypal ruled in my favor, surprised the heck out of me. Normally paypal has been siding with the buyers instead of the sellers.
Yes, that's why you require a deposit, it's a "hold" to make sure they pay and you aren't left empty handed if they don't!
I think you would get some back if that is what you agreed on, but if you pay for the entire order of chicks and don't take any I don't think all money should be lost, maybe $20 for the trouble of finding a new buyer last minute or being stuck with unwanted chicks.
Mrs. Turbo :

WOW. look at all the post at 2:22
Too funny

I know, I thought I would be the 1st to respond and when I got done typing I was about the 7th!

I'm looking at it from a "sellers" point of view, and maybe some of these are from the "buyers" point!​
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