Backyard Goats????


15 Years
May 24, 2007
Nifty? I happen to be part of a wonderful goat forum with fantastic people. However, there are very few people on that forum so often we don't get answers to our questions.

I get lots of help from goat people here and there seems to be a large number of us, with many more 'wanting' those mischievous little twits in our backyards.

Every think of adding a Backyard Goat forum? I'm guessing there are more backyard goats than cows.

I know my friend Stacey (goatkeeper) would definitely go for a goat forum.
She only gets on BYC to check out the goat pictures, ads, etc. Unlike me....
No! Goat people, do not leave this board because I love you!

How about, as an alternative, a section in the index titled "Other animals: goats, sheep, cows, etc"
I too am very very interested in a goat forum, but I think the idea of an added section on this forum of "goats and other animals" would be great, because I too am very fond of the people who are already in this forum.
Maybe if we had a goat forum I could find a way to convince DH to let me get a backyard goat.
I think it may take a while but every little bit of info helps me in my mission lol
Maybe I'm missing something being new and all, cause surely you guys know about it.
So forgive me if I'm stating the obvious but there IS a forum on here. Its down in MISCELLANEOUS--Other pets and Livestock-- I have posts there about my goats and donkey too! Again, forgive me if stating the obvious, but if you didn't know, come check it out!!
kkm said:
there IS a forum on here. Its down in MISCELLANEOUS--Other pets and Livestock-

Yup, that's what we all use here on BYC.

I'm wishing for a specific forum that just talks goats. It would also be easier for people to find when they are searching the web for goat information. Many people would be willing to look into a 'goat forum' whereas they may not even check out a 'goat area' on a chicken forum. Does that makes sense?​
Chirpy, I think it makes perfect sense.

I started browsing the old BYC back when I knew I was going to get chickens....someday. It was very helpful to have a bit of knowledge tucked under my belt via BYC - I'm beginning to think about getting a couple of Dwarf Nigerian milking goats, so I'd love more expanded discussion about all things goat!
If ya'll start up a goat forum, please send me some divorce papers, cause I'll be needing them. All of the spare time I have would be spent on that site and hubby already complains about the time spent on BYC. If you do start up the goat site, maybe name it Backyard Homewreckers.
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