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7 Years
Apr 22, 2012
My wife and I had this idea and I was wondering if it would work. As you can see we have our coop and run setup. Would it work having 2 more coops and have all the runs connected? Does anyone have a similar setup and will the chickens go to the same coop every night? Is it a good thing to give all of them access to everything or will they fight over "turf"?



7 Years
Apr 19, 2012
Up State New York
It will probably depend on your chickens if you get to many Roos your bound to have some fights, they may not divide and go in the right coops .. If you are going to try to keep breeds pure for the future then it could be cool just to have a divider in the runs then they can socialize with out over crowding .. I love your idea .. If it were me I would connect them like you were saying but put chicken wire in between dividing some areas. as then you could keep smaller new additions in one.. and divide them to your choosing .. If you Dont intend to have any Roosters or even only one and same size aprox same age chickens then I think you could def use an open runner.. but they may not go to bed in the coop you had in mind : )

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