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Dec 1, 2020
I plan to have chickens next year and I am concerned about my pole light. It a rural co-op light that is on a 20' pole. It comes on at dusk and goes off at day break. The coop I have will let this light in. Will that be an issue stressing out the birds?

There really isn't a place I can put move it to block this light unless I board up the ventilation. Any thoughts?
we've had our coop and run near our pole light for several years now. we do have the orange bug light rather than the white light, but it hasnt seemed to bother our chickens any. they go into the coop when the light comes on.
I thought it was one of those in-the-yard lights rather than an on-the-street light but re-reading I see that the OP didn't specify the location. :)
Hopefully @ratnester comes back and tells us more details...and pics.

@aart what about that filter material you mentioned to me a few days ago? Could it shade some of the light while letting air through if you use it kind of as a curtain?
That might work....or louvers.

Oh, and.... Welcome to BYC! @ratnester
Where in this world are you located?
Climate, and time of year, is almost always a factor.
Please add your general geographical location to your profile.
It's easy to do, and then it's always there!
Thank you all for the replies. I will attempt to clarify my situation.

I live in a very rural area in the Midwest and have a common rural electric pole light in the middle of my back yard. It is 20 feet up on a pole and shines all over my property at night. I can not shut it off manually and I do not want to remove it since it's for security. Nearly every home in my area has one or two on their property. I guess they would be similar to a city street light if it was up high enough. I found a picture (not mine but very similar) and will attach it.

There isn't really a good spot I can move it to avoid this light. The only side of my house it doesn't hit is the garage and of course I can't block that.

I am planning on getting a dozen chickens next spring and the coop I plan to build will let *some* light in though the ventilation at the top under the roof. I doubt it will be like daylight inside but it definitely will not be dark.

I am still learning and not anywhere near a chicken expert so I thought I would ask if this will stress out the birds. I am not sure if they need complete darkness at night.

I can block/shade out the vents but aren't they be needed for the heat of the summer? Temps in my area can easily hit 100F in August. I can also build it without ventilation but I feel like that is a very bad idea.

So I found this forum and thought I would ask to get ideas or suggestions. Thank you all again.


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