Backyard Poultry Magazines - 3 Issues


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4 Backyard Poultry Magazines, Gently Read
**Auction is for ALL 4 of the magazines!!**

April/May 2009 - Heritage Breed Options Provide Beauty & Utility; Alternatives to the Cornish Cross; Understand and Prevent Pecking and Picking; Chickens Make Great Neighbors!

June/July 2009 - It's Hot Out There! Caring for your Poultry in Hot Weather; Permaculture - Gardening with Chickens; Financial Opportunity: Serving the Market for Started Birds; Keeping a Flock of Jersey Buff Turkeys

Aug/Sept 2009 - Top 10 Nest Box Ideas: Using Materials you Already Have; Co-Mingling Poultry; How to Prevent Egg Eating; An Overall Brillant Bird: The Khaki Campbell Duck

October/November 2009 - Fall Garden Extras Promote Flock Health; Get Ready for Winter: How to Heat Your Waterer; Equal Rights for Pet Chickens: Where are the treats and toys?; Featured Breeds - Pilgrim Geese, Modern Game Bantams, Heritage Turkeys (article submitted by BYC member S and S Poultry)

No reserve with low starting price! These magazines cost $4.99 each in the magazine section new.
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